Marketing Enemy #1: Template Book Cover Designs

Design July 30, 2014

Appearances are deceiving, or at least this is what popular culture says. Nonetheless, in the 21st century, a time when speed and stress are at their highest levels, we often don’t have the necessary time to give things an in-depth look all the time. Therefore, our society tends to judge the books by their covers, both figuratively and literally. And, if this is what people ask for, who are we to neglect their wishes, especially when we have an important amount of credibility and revenue to gain from this?

Template Book Cover DesignsIn a world where products are made better day after day and people work hard in order to make sure that they are as good as they can be in the domain they activate in, we can’t afford to ruin our products by ignoring the importance of their embellishments. Therefore, how can we make a great book even greater, if not by taking our time and creating a one of a kind, eye-catching cover that stands out of the crowded bookstore shelves?

Centuries ago, books were written by hand with attention to detail, this being the main reason why they were given such a high price and also why they were quite rare. In the Middle Ages, only churches, universities, and the people who had a high rank in the society could afford these treasures, so often they were kept in chains in order to prevent theft. Another consequence of being a luxurious thing was the fact that they were especially treasured for their content and not necessary for their covers. Nonetheless, the main thing that captures the attention of the customers besides the book’s title, the author and the reputation is the cover. Of course, along with the cover of the book, some people are also attracted by the quality of the paper, its color, its smell, the font used for the title or even the width of the book, because let’s be real, what can be more delighting than the pleasure of discovering a completely new, untouched book? I guess this is a feeling that is quite unique.

Printing of the book, The Pilgrim’s Progress from 1679.

In addition, if you see covers that use for their illustrations, fonts, or colors elements that are original, you should not doubt that particular book will sell a great deal of copies. Sadly, though, in the last years, authors have limited themselves to the cheap, overused templates when it comes to the book’s cover design, thinking that by doing so they will cut some expenses. What they didn’t realize was the fact that people are more willing to give their hard earned money for a book that has an original, attractive cover, because they tend to think that the outside often gives a better insight into the actual content of the book. Even though this mentality may not be the most accurate, people are right when they expect something good from start to finish.

To conclude, I would suggest any author to take their time when deciding what is the perfect fit for a book’s cover, because, after all, people pay serious money for serious products. Don’t ruin a well-written book by giving it a common cover. Book marketing and book publishing are two key elements when it comes to sales and if your choice publisher refuses to give your book the cover that it deserves, don’t hesitate to think about self publishing. It does save you important sums of money and it sure gives you the ability to decide what its best for your ideas. Think big!

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