Why WordPress is the Platform of Choice for Bloggers

WordPress May 20, 2015

Despite only being in existence for 11 years, WordPress has developed a reputation as the web’s premier content management system. With over 74 million sites, including nearly half of Technorati’s top 100 blogs, relying on the platform, it is no surprise that the keyword ‘WordPress’ is one of the most blogged-about topics in online marketing.

So, why is WordPress so popular? These four WordPress features may be the reason.


WordPress is unique among content management systems in that it only takes a few minutes to master. If a budding web designer is ever stuck, there are scores of WordPress experts on hand at the platform’s official forums to help.

Many large hosting companies now offer one-click WordPress installation, meaning there is no longer a need to go hunting for software files on WordPress.org to upload via FTP.

Themes can be changed in seconds, posting is as easy as creating an email and editing content is simple with the platform’s easy-to-use WYSIWYG text editor.


Although originally designed as a blogging tool, WordPress has flourished into a comprehensive content management system used by such recognisable brands like the New York Times, the eBay blog and Reuters.

Not only can the platform be used for blogging and content hosting, but the Dallas Mavericks use WordPress to sell game tickets, and Best Buy uses it to sell white goods!

Monetizing a WordPress site, from small-scale blog to bustling high-traffic networks, is effortless. Advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities can be integrated with a few clicks, and more intensive e-commerce sites can be developed in a matter of hours.


Despite turning over $45 million in 2012, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, only makes money from 1% of its users. WordPress.org, the open-source version of the platform, is completely free, and can be downloaded and implemented on low-cost servers at less than $10 a month.

Search Engine Optimization

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress works with site administrators to provide a reliable search engine optimization (SEO) foundation right from the get go. The platform is developed with SEO in mind, and its various default plugins make it easy to attract Google crawlers to a new site and have its listing climb the rankings.

Plus, there are a number of free WordPress plugins available to boost flagging traffic numbers, and when clicks start rising again, built-in Google Analytics support helps site admins gain insights on their new visitors.


Overall, while WordPress is not perfect, it is certainly the platform of choice for the majority of bloggers today. Other content management systems offer ‘bells and whistles’ to attract new users, but the vast number of large brands using the WordPress platform indicates that simplicity is still the best option.

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