Top Five Essential Online Tools for Writers

So you want to be a top notch writer? Well, you’re in luck because there are now a lot of online tools you can use to realize your goal! Here are five cool ones to start you off:



Have you ever read a piece of writing that used a particular set of words a little too much? While that’s most likely unintentional on the writer’s part, it does not change the fact that repetitiveness implies inattentiveness or a limited vocabulary, both of which can hurt the writer’s credibility.

The solution? Use a tool like Wordcounter! It goes through whatever it is that you are writing and shows you the most overused words so you can find alternatives—which brings us to our next tool:



You can find the best alternatives to your most overused words at All you have to do is enter a word, and the system will load all of its synonyms for you. And, as a bonus, it also comes with a dictionary and translator in case you find the need for such services as well.

But why bother with an online thesaurus when a tool like MS Word comes bundled with it? Well, comes with some additional handy features like filters and relevance sorting to ensure that you get the most suitable words for your piece.

Tip of My Tongue

Tip of My Tongue

Of course, a thesaurus only works if you have the word that would serve as your starting point. But what about in cases where you can’t remember what it is? That’s where Tip of My Tongue comes in! Instead of wasting your time searching your brain, just input any detail you do remember the word that you are looking for into the tool, and it will generate relevant suggestions based on the information you entered.

Cliché Finder

Cliche Finder

Aside from repetitiveness, clichés are another thing that separates great writing from just okay writing. They not only sound dated, but they also make it seem like you are not creative enough to come up with better lines. But instead of going through the hassle of manually checking your work for any clichés you may have unknowingly used, why not just let Cliché Finder do all the work for you?

Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips

Of course, no tool in the world could ever make up for inadequate writing skill, so it’s important to keep working on getting better. Aside from just writing a lot and getting feedback from more experienced writers, services like Daily Writing Tips can help enhance your skill. With its wide range of topics, there’s sure to be something for writers of all levels!

Start writing!

With these cool online tools, you’ll realize your goal of becoming a top notch writer in no time! But if you need a little extra push, check out my tips on how to write stuff people would want to read here.

Know of any other online tools for writers? Post them in the comments!

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