Things to Do When You’re Experiencing Writer’s Block

Books & WritingProductivity September 4, 2014

Writer's BlockIf you will ask any writer what is the worst part of their writing experience, they will all probably answer “writer’s block”. There is nothing worse than to not be able to put your ideas into words, and the frustration can sometimes harm you work more than you can imagine. Which is why you need to acknowledge writer’s block and to find ways to overcome it. Think about all the great writers you admire, they all had moments like these, whether you believe it all not. What if Dante would have abandoned The Divine Comedy because of a little lack of inspiration?

While writer’s block can be annoying, it is definitely something that you can overcome, all you need to do is not let it get to you and try some simple methods to get passed it. Here are some that are easy and will definitely work:

The “What If” System

The “what if” system is a simple method used by many writers when they lack inspiration or are confronted with writer’s block. What if _____? What if _____ happened to _____? What would happen if _____?

Basically, use additional questions that can help you develop a character or a situation. If you are stuck, these types of questions can help your mind create new ideas and get rid of writer’s block.

Read Other Books

Sometimes it helps to get away from your writing for a moment and engage in other books or stories. It can offer you a perspective on your own writing or at least provide some entertainment while you come up with new ideas. If you are worried about unintentionally borrowing ideas from what you are reading, choose something really different from the niche you are writing for.

WriteWrite Something—Anything

One of the most effective ways to overcome writer’s block is to keep on writing. Even if you are out of ideas for your story, write! Write in a journal, write a blog article, write a short story, write ramblings on post notes, just write. After all, this is the thing you most like doing.

Visualize Your Ideas

When you have ideas but can’t seem to transform them into words, it might help you to close your eyes and make a movie from these ideas. Just let them flow and use your imagination to put faces on characters, create plot twists and develop sceneries. Try to describe in writing what you saw in that mental picture and the words will come faster than expected.

Take Some Time for Yourself

If you are the type of person that gets stressed easily, maybe the best way to deal with writer’s block is to forget about it for a while and do something completely different. Watch TV, take a walk, go out with your friends, anything that you love doing in your free time. You need to relax in order to help your mind create, and stressing about your lack of inspiration will not allow you to do that.


Writers are creative people, even when struck by writer’s block, close your eye for a moment and dream. Dream about the fictional world you are planning on creating, dream about your childhood, dream about your future, let your mind wander to whatever place it wants. Use this experience to relax and maybe even as an inspiration for your writing. Great ideas often come from the strangest of thoughts!

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