The Social Media Tools Any Author Should Use

Books & Writing September 15, 2014

With the growing of internet communities and social media networks, readers have developed a need to stay in touch with their favorite authors and to share the books they love with online communities; which is why many authors are creating online profiles. As a writer, you might not be interested in these aspects, but an online presence can go a long way, both for your relationship with readers and also marketing-wise.

Twitter Hashtag

To make your social media experience easier and more enjoyable, I have compiled a list of social media tools you can use to promote your books and to stay in touch with the people interested in your work.


The journals of the online environment, blogs are excellent tools for writers and authors, whether you are using them to publish some of your work or just to create an online home for your books. If you decide to start a blog, make sure to keep it updated and answer to comments and questions from your readers. As for the technical side, there are a lot of free and easy to use blogging platforms, so don’t worry about the complexity of the process.

Social Media Networks

From the well-known Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to networks dedicated to writers, such as Writers Network, Inked-in or Writertopia, there is a social media network out there for you. If you don’t have time for a blog, a place like Twitter or Facebook might just be the right tool for you. You can interact with anyone, without having to write long posts and keep an eye on every comment. And if you really want to get involved, you can use tools such as LikeAlyzer to check the impact of your pages and to improve what you are doing wrong. And if you think that this might take too much of your time, you can always install a social media app with features like scheduled posts, so that you can keep your followers updated and not spend the whole day online.

ShareThe most important thing to keep in mind about social media platforms is not to see them as simple marketing tools, but more as a way to interact and know more about the people who read your work. You can form wonderful friendships with readers and other authors, and make connections with the publishing world. Just remember to have fun!


Goodreads is a social network for readers and authors, a place where people share reviews of their favorite books, make lists and stay in touch with other book lovers. The great thing about this network is that it has numerous groups where authors submit their books for reviewing so if you are looking for an honest opinion Goodreads is definitely the place to go. Also, you can create giveaways and offer your readers something to be excited about!

Video Book Trailer

A new trend is taking the publishing world by storm: video book trailers. Readers enjoy visualizing their reader’s experience, whether it happens with the help of their vivid imagination or a movie made after a book, which is why video book trailers are becoming more and more popular. Think of it as an animated cover for your book, if you do it right there is a big chance the video goes viral and your book is on everyone’s minds. Same as in the case of a successful book cover, a video book trailer needs to be done by a professional.


Once you have embraced the internet and accepted its role in the development of your career, it is impossible not to find a social media tool that works for you. Take advantage of your passion for writing and start a blog, use your social skills to interact with online communities or keep your readers interested with giveaways and promotions. Whichever way you decide to go, it can only help!

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