Ideas Don’t Matter

I recently came up with an idea for a new “freemium” web app which we’ll share with you on today’s show.

We’ll do this to demonstrate why ideas don’t matter and I’m not a fan of NDA or worrying about having someone steal your next big idea.

Things we’ll cover in this episode:

  • Working out the new “freemium” web app service
  • Why ideas don’t matter
  • The best way to protect your idea is to do it
  • The issue isn’t secrecy, it’s obscurity
  • The importance of implementation and the and execution of an idea
  • Ways to determine whether an idea is worth pursuing

Early mockup concepts:

Additional Resources


Thomas is a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and founder of Rightly & Co. For over a decade, he’s had the privilege of working with a wide variety of individuals and organizations on a wide variety of projects.

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