Episode 19: What’s Wrong with WordPress Theme Marketplaces?

Uncategorized August 30, 2016

After working pretty extensively with a number of different “premium theme marketplaces” in the WordPress realm, we’ve made some pretty interesting discoveries.

In this episode, we’ll dive into some of the common problems in the WordPress theme marketplace and what is currently being done to help alleviate a number of these common issues for those looking to buy themes.

The topics we’ll cover in this episode:

  • Multi-purpose themes
  • Cluttered, ridiculously difficult to use site customization options
  • Hefty, bloated theme frameworks that make for a slow website
  • Manual theme and plugin updates
  • Limited, unreliable support
  • Frameworks that limit the functionality and customization abilities of WordPress

In addition, we’ll cover:

  • A new theme marketplace with a different approach: Notable Themes
  • Some of the ways Notable Themes is different
  • Ongoing examples and lessons learned through Notable Themes on the topic of design and brand identity

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Lastly, here’s a little intro video to give you a little more insight into the thinking behind Notable Themes:

[rd_video url=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/f.cl.ly/items/3g1r3j2c3x3z3t2j0t0p/Notable%20Themes%20Promo.mp4″]

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