Episode 18: Fixed Pricing vs. Subscription Pricing with Anne Janzer

Uncategorized August 23, 2016

Creating products and services is at the heart of any successful business—big or small.

Anne Janzer joins the show today to discuss the importance of “the subscription economy” and why it’s beginning to change the landscape of how products and services are sold.

We dive into specific examples like Adobe, Amazon, and even a food delivery service—in addition to some practical tools you can start using to implement your own subscription-based products and services.

Bonus: If you would like to get a free audio copy of Anne’s book, Subscription Marketing, go here.*

Topics Discussed

  • What is the subscription economy?
  • Companies that are doing well with a subscription model
  • The pros and cons of a fixed pricing model versus a subscription
  • Things to watch out for when adopting a subscription model
  • Useful tools for switching to a subscription model

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