Episode 1: Hello World!

Uncategorized April 26, 2016

In this episode of The Rightly & Co. show, I’ll explore some of the topics that will span future episodes as well as a brief background of my history in design and development.

I’ll also take a quick moment to go over who this show is for—it’s not just designers!
My background:
  • I am a graphic designer and website developer and have been in the industry for about ten years now
  • I studied briefly at the Art Institute of Seattle before moving on to work as a Graphic Designer in the publishing industry
  • I’ve worked extensively on book jackets, print ads, web ads, brand identity and a bunch of other projects
  • I’m currently an independent Graphic Designer and undertake book jacket design projects, brand identity projects as well as a pretty wide range of WordPress-based design and development projects
Who is this show for?
  • Short answer: anyone who’s looking to build a brand
  • Small business owners
  • Large business owners
  • Writers, authors, or soon-to-be authors
  • Coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone with a website
  • Anyone looking to build a brand or platform
  • Or anyone who has an interest in design and branding!
What topics for the covering in future episodes?
  • Graphic design: If you’re not a graphic designer, you won’t have to worry, there’s not gonna be any in-depth tutorials or mind-bending concepts that we explore in depth. Instead, I’ll focus on design basics and how you can apply them in practical everyday life.
  • Branding: contrary to a popular misconception, Branding goes far beyond just a simple logo Mark or logo design. Branding goes the very heart and soul of your business company or what you do. I’ll be taking some time to explore current brands, trends, and the best tools, tips, and techniques to help you improve your brand in the most simple and streamlined way possible.
  • WordPress: as a guy who’s been developing WordPress websites for a little over half a decade, I’m pretty big on the WordPress platform. And chances are if you have a website you probably are too. That said, I’ll be going through a wide variety of different topics pertaining to WordPress including plug-ins, themes, best practices, and general news related to the WordPress platform.
  • Productivity: in today’s busy digital world it seems like every 10 minutes we have a new tool or app coming out that can help us get more things done. The problem is, there’s so many of them we can often times find ourselves wasting more time than we actually save when it comes to putting them in the practice. That’s why I’ll handpick the best of the bunch so you can get back to work.
  • Mailbag: I want to hear from you. Be sure to take a moment to drop by rightly.co/contact and hit me with your questions, comments, or feedback. I’m happy to take your questions and answer them in future episodes at length on whatever topic you want to find more information on.

2 thoughts on “Episode 1: Hello World!

  1. Hey Thomas, great work on the Notable Theme. I’m thoroughly impressed by the usability and the beautifully clean site. I’m looking to do a site that feels mind yet standout enough for compatibility on desktop, mobile, tablet. Where do you suggest I start and what should be the fist thing to consider prior to doing a design of my website structure? (my current website pretty much sucks now – to my sight, so I’m wanting to revamp it fully with a Notable Theme + Site Origin Page Builder) or with Get Notice. I’d like to hear from you firsthand and to hopefully build a lasting communication window with you.

    1. Hi Vern,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and for the kind words. Notable Themes has been quite the project.

      The Mentoris Theme is a great place to start in combination with Site Origin Page Builder as you mentioned—especially because it’s endlessly easier to get up and running with.

      I’m not sure if you already have a web host, if not, you may want to check out Media Temple. I’m in the process of creating a couple of free videos on how to get your site up and running—but in the meantime—Media Temple is a great place to start.

      I hope that helps!

      All the best,

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