The Perks of Blogging for a Living

Books & Writing July 6, 2015

Getting paid to do what you love? That’s a pretty sweet deal in and of itself if you ask me. But that’s not exclusive to bloggers. The most successful people—it doesn’t matter whether they are musicians, yoga instructors or even CEOs—must love their jobs for them to excel so much in their respective fields.

What, then, makes blogging so appealing? Well, excellent bloggers get to enjoy several perks that few other careers offer like:



Writing a blog post can be done anytime, anywhere. In fact, if you can finish all your writing for the week in a single day, then you get to take the rest of the week off. And, as a bonus, you get to choose your work location as well. Get cozy at a coffee shop, chill at the beach, work straight from your bed—nobody can stop you!

Now, compare that to having a traditional job. No matter how much work you get done today, you would still have to show up and complete your shift every day for the rest of the week. Even on slow days where you finish everything before lunch, you’re stuck in the office until the workday ends.


Faith杨馥蔚 "简单生活 Simple Living” media launch
“Faith杨馥蔚 “简单生活 Simple Living” media launch” by chinnian on Flickr

If you ever become famous as a blogger, you can expect to get invited to all kinds of parties and events. The organizers get media buzz; you get free food and booze. It’s a win-win situation! And, of course, these events are also the perfect venue for you to meet like-minded people and expand your network.


Lovely Package Exchange #1
“Lovely Package Exchange #1” by Kitty Baby Love on Flickr

Established bloggers who review gadgets, musical instruments, restaurants and any other type of product or service get sent all sorts of freebies. And even if they have to return some of the stuff that they review, it is still pretty cool to have constant access to new and exciting stuff.

Take Brett Kingman from Australia, for example. He became famous for his Youtube vlogs where he demos different guitars, effects pedals, and amplifiers. Today, builders from around the world send him all sorts of awesome guitar gear—some super expensive—to play with in exchange for exposure.

But before you get started…

The thing with blogging (and any other career for that matter) is that it takes serious dedication and hard work to get to the point where you can enjoy all the good stuff that comes with it. It takes time to gain enough followers and establish yourself as an expert in anything. It takes countless hours of practice before you can write (or speak if you’re doing vlogs) effectively. So, before deciding on pursuing a career in blogging, make sure that you are ready to power through the challenges that come with it, especially during the early stages.

Now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to get started on that blog! Here’s a great read on setting one up and then keeping it going for a long, long time!

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