Online Image Editing Tools for the Non-designer

Design May 26, 2016

A little graphic design skill goes a long, long way in today’s content-hungry world. Unfortunately, not all of us has the knack for it (or has the time to learn). But don’t fret! You don’t need to hire a designer whenever you need some visuals for your project. There are a lot of great easy-to-use online image editing tools that allow you to do it yourself.

Will you be able to produce designs that require a level of technical skill that only professionals possess? Probably not. But the designs that you can make with these things will surely look like they were made by someone who knows what they’re doing. Let’s get started!



You don’t have to be a professional graphic artist to create professional looking effects with Pixlr Express’ point-and-click interface. And if you’re looking for something that is even simpler to use, there’s also Pixlr O-Matic, which is essentially just a collection of great filters for you to play around with.

But there’s something for more advanced users too! Pixlr also offers something more Photoshop-esque—in the form of Pixlr Editor—which allows you to play around with layers and effects. And what makes it even cooler is that it comes in a browser-based version so there’s no need to download anything.

However, if you do want something that you can use offline, you can download the desktop version and get one for your mobile device too!



Need something for your social media page? Canva has got you covered! It has templates for all your social media requirements. It allows you to easily create Facebook cover photos ads and posts, Twitter headers and even Pinterest boards. But that’s not all! You can also use it for other things like blog posts, posters, and presentations. And, just like Pixlr, you don’t really need a degree in the visual arts to get things done using this tool!

The service itself is free, but if you need some stock photos, Canva offers some great-looking ones for a little fee. Of course, you can always get free stock images instead if you’re operating on a tight budget.

Canva also has a design school in case you’re looking to up your design game.



Another cool online image editing tool is PicMonkey. Just like Pixlr and Canva, it is super easy to use with its point-and-click interface. It allows you to make collages, add effects to photos, touch up images and even create your own designs from scratch. It’s got everything you need to make pro-looking designs without having to have pro-level skills.

Get designin’!

Don’t let any lack of design skills keep you from creating stunning visuals for your projects. With all the point-and-click online image editing tools at your disposal today, there’s really no need to limit yourself to charts, graphs, and stick figures. With a just a few clicks, you can now quickly create striking designs that can rival those professionally made.

Anything you want to add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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