How Often Do You Backup Your Writing?

Tech June 20, 2014

Despite the wide range of tools and resources available today, only 9% of individuals do a daily backup of their data according to the Backblaze blog.

That’s a dangerously-low number, especially for writers who put so much time, effort, and energy into every page of their latest works.

June is Backup Awareness Month and the results from our annual Backup Awareness Survey are in. Say what you want about your supposedly technically challenged grandparents, but they backup their computers. It’s not even close. Grandpa in particular is a backup fiend when compared to the 18-44 year old crowd. He’s more than twice as likely to backup his computer at least once a day. Grandma is no backup slouch either, as she is 80% more likely to backup her computer each day versus the 18-44 year old survey respondents. Let’s face it; the older generation is kicking your collective youthful butts when it comes to regularly backing up computer data.

This is the 7th year Backblaze has commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct our annual Backup Awareness Survey. Each year 2,000 or so random computer users are asked how often they backup all the data on their computer. The results are tabulated across a multitude of demographic dimensions and then we get the data to review. For 2014, the breakdown of how often people backup their data is below:

Question: How often do you backup all the data on your computer? Via the Backblaze blog.

How often do you backup your computer?

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