Mold-breakers: A Showcase of Obscure Book Cover Designs

Design June 17, 2014

Book cover design is an art as much as it is a science. Having this in the back of my mind, I recently came across a number of designs that struck me as something all together different than those common to the Walmart best seller shelf.

Yet, it’s this unique and perhaps bizarre appearance some of these possess which have made them all the more memorable.

What I’ve discovered as going through a number of these jackets is that despite the fact they do not fit in the “mold” of so many books gracing today’s top charts, their charm and cleverness holds them in their own class.

As such, here’s a little round-up of designs that balance a little “mold-breaking” with a strong and well-rounded design:









What Do You Think?

Out of these book covers, which do you think best captures attention while standing as a uniquely strong design? Is there a book cover design you’ve spotted recently that you feel would make a good addition to this collection?

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