A Look at Some of the Most Creative YA Book Covers of 2014

Design January 5, 2015

Sometimes, taking a look at the designs and concepts that most push the envelope of creativity can help us form new ideas for our own endeavors.

This was what came to mind when I read this intriguing article in The Casual Optimist that showcased a wide variety of obscure, yet fascinating YA book cover designs.

belzharLike all the best things on The Casual Optimist, this post started life as a conversation on Twitter. The topic this time was the under-representation of YA book designers in all these end of the year cover lists. YA covers are becoming more and more sophisticated, yet my posts this year have rarely featured them, so feel that I am unquestionably at fault here. To make some kind of amends, I thought I would post a selection of 50 YA covers from 2014. Many, many thanks to all the book designers and publishing folk (including my colleagues Alisha, Brooke, and Megan at Raincoast) for their suggestions and assistance. And special thanks to Serah-Marie and Derek at Type Books for letting me browse their shelves with my notebook in hand…

Read more at The Casual Optimist.

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