Create a Business Doing the Work You Actually Enjoy

As it turns out, there has never been a better time to create a business around your craft and unique talents. This free mini-course provides you essential, brand-building fundamentals required to reach your audience.

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This Video Workshop will Help You...

Find Your Perfect Audience

If we attempt to market to everyone, we effectively effect to no one. That’s why this workshop has been crafted to guide you through the process of finding and wowing your unique audience.

Create a Solid Business Foundation

A brand goes far beyond logos and typefaces. It’s the very heart and soul of what you do. That said, we’ll show you how to create a brand-focused business that wins the hearts and minds of your target audience.

Monetize Your Brand Strategy

Knowing how to monetize the work you do is what makes the difference between a business and a hobby. We’ll cover the key elements of knowing where and how to charge for your work.

Build a Sustainable, Brand-based Business

Hosted by brand designer and founder, Thomas McGee, he’ll share first-hand experience what it takes to build and grow an effective brand on the web in today’s cluttered culture.

After working with personal brands like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, Ray Edwards, Grant Baldwin, and numerous others—he’ll share with you key insights of what works and what doesn’t.

Best of all, Thomas will share brand-building insights from a design and customer-focused perspective in order to give you a better view of what makes an effective brand—outside the chorus of interruption marketing we’re so used to being annoyed with.

Thomas McGee
Brand Designer, Founder of Rightly & Co.

Get the Comprehensive Companion Rightly Brand Process Guide

Beyond the videos within the course itself, this series is accompanied by a comprehensive, proprietary brand process guide. Organized into bite-sized, practical sections and accompanied with a number of action checklists, it’s designed to help ensure your brand-building success.

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A $997 Video Course (for Free)

The term “brand” gets tossed around a lot these days. In reality, however, understanding what a brand is (and what it’s not) can be the difference between success and failure with your current business (or the one you’re looking to build).

That’s why we decided to put together a totally free, five-part video training series that walks you through the fundamentals of creating and growing an effective brand. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or haven’t even started yet, we’ll show you the key elements you need to know in order to build a long-lasting, impactful business centered around the work you want to do.

In the past, we’ve offered training of this depth for $997—however, we didn’t want to limit this information to our higher end clients.

Instead, we felt it necessary and even pivotal for those who are just getting started (or haven’t even started yet). That’s why for a limited time we’re offering this $997 training series—totally free.

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