Introducing Notable Themes: An Excellent Source for All Things WordPress

WordPress October 26, 2015

When it comes to building a powerful online presence, WordPress is by far the most powerful and extensible platform out there.

In light of this, Writely Designed is excited to announce an all-new brand which will feature WordPress themes, plugins, services, courses, and more. Oh yeah, and did I mention free stuff? It’s called Notable Themes.

Right now, Notable Themes is featuring an old Writely Designed favorite, MonoWriter™—a simple and free WordPress theme for Writers. Beyond this, Notable Themes will release a wide array of other freebies for WordPress users experienced and beginner alike.

MonoWriter™ WordPress Theme

Here’s a little more about Notable Themes:

Notable Themes is here to provide you with fine-quality, niche-oriented, premium WordPress themes, plugins and services. In today’s saturated theme market, there are a plethora of “multipurpose” themes and because of this, we’re seeing an internet with a multitude of cookie-cutter, uniformed sites.

Thus, Notable Themes was born.

We’re here to turn this stereotype on its head by crafting unique, trade-specific WordPress themes to help individuals, organizations, and companies succeed in their respective markets.

For designers and developers, Notable Themes offers simple licensing solutions to help you utilize any theme to repurpose and rework for your client’s needs.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Feel free to leave a comment below—we would love to hear from you!

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