Introducing Marsala: The Pantone 2015 Color of The Year

Design March 16, 2015

Colors are an aspect of art that is of primary interest to every artist. Whether you are a photographer or a painter, a designer or an animator, color plays an important role in adding that “impact” to your artwork that draws the admiration of the viewer and makes you successful as an artist. That being mentioned, it becomes necessary to pick the most appealing and trending colors for the successful marketing of any product. This is where the relevance of Pantone’s Color of the Year is felt.

As expected of an article of this nature, let me begin with a little bite of history, which I promise would not be bitter and long. Pantone Inc. is a company well known for its proprietary color space, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) which finds widespread use in various fields like printing, fabric dying and plastic manufacturing. Over the decades, Pantone has produced extremely appealing and trendsetting line of color palettes relating to fashionable accessories, home interiors and exteriors. For instance, the Color of the Year 2012, Tangerine Tango, was used as a guide to launch a lineup of makeup accessories in partnership with Sephora, which is still extremely popular in the fashion industry. “The Color of the Year” is an annual result of routine meetings, debate and discussions among representatives of various color standards groups. The results of this meeting help guide manufacturers, designers and artists with color selection to fit the latest trends.

Image: Copyright HongChan001 |
Image: Copyright HongChan001 |

Evidently, Pantone is one of the decisive players in the industry when it comes to the latest trends in fashion,designing and lifestyle. The Color of the Year, Marsala, is a guideline that you could use extremely creatively for presenting an impressive catalog to your own customers and clients that not just fits in perfectly with their tastes but also subtly blends through national and cultural boundaries.

So how can you incorporate this color in your products and artwork? It is definitely not easy to use the color effectively in certain situations. But it is worth noting that just like the wine Marsala, the color has a strongly appealing, warm and seductive tone to it. The shades can be extremely powerful for home interior design and also fashion accessories. For photographers it could be a tool to set their art apart from the competition by bringing a subtle seductive touch to their portraiture and fashion photography.

A few tips to make the best of the Color of the Year 2015, Marsala:

  • Fashion designing: This is a lovely color for fashion designers to work on. Don’t be surprised if you have already noted some celebrities like Taylor Swift wearing this shade. The tone pairs well with blonde hair and could give you the means to gently focus on your female model’s facial features while making her the highlight against a Lilac marble background. This color suits leather jackets really well too.
  • Accessories: This is probably the best shade to be working on if you are into designing of accessories, especially ones made of leather. This color can look highly appealing when used on belts worn on an otherwise neutral outfit or to accentuate the texture and design of a pair of heels. And of course, dresses, purses, boots . . . the list will never end!
  • Make up: Want to bring your pout in on the trends? Marsala is the shade to go out with on your lips. It can make a bold statement for you when paired up well with an attractive hairstyle. Be it mascara or eyeshadow, it will not let you down.
  • Photography: Marsala is the color to go with for impressive still life photography. The color suits all kinds of lighting techniques and stands out best against lemon grass green, silvery grey and lilac marble. Being inspired from the natural color of wine, it can put life into your still life photography. 

Now that you have the result of extensive research on current trends and colors on your fingertips, there is a whole wide world of creativity waiting for you!

Image: Copyright Nejron |
Image: Copyright Nejron |

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