Paper or Screen? Exploring the Pros and Cons of the Ebook

Tech June 26, 2014
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Even if the era is transforming, the habit of reading remains the same. One thing that is evolving with the times, is the method of reading. Today, along with paper books, there is the mainstay of E-books. Each type of book has its own pros and cons. They can enrich your reading experience depending upon the habit and scenario that fits your reading style best. In this article, we’ll explore the Ebook pros and cons.

Here are some of the pros:

  • Price Fixing: The E-books are comparatively less cheap than the paper books. This is because the cost of digitizing process is less than the publishing cost. Moreover E-books give you an option to have a preview of the Ebook online which can help you in taking decision whether to buy it or not. So in this aspect Ebooks are more worthy than the printed books.
  • Assist in Reading: Ebooks give you flexibility in reading. You can adjust the font according to your comfort level. Also, Ebooks are more presentable in terms of pictures. Also you can find any lost word in the digitized format by just using the search option.
  • Library: For storing Ebooks you need not keep a spacious corner in your house. You can easily maintain e-library in your device. Thousands of books, novels, and newsletters fit on a single device and in one place.
  • Environment friendly: Since Ebooks published are not printed, it saves a lot of trees from cutting down. Due to less demand of paper, trees are saved.

. . . and, some of the cons of Ebooks:

  • Eye Strain: Reading loses a bit of of its value if it proves unhealthy for your eyes. Computer screens create strain on your eyes if viewed continuously. They can even affect the vision and make you prone to eye irritation.
  • Piracy: The E-books are more prone to piracy. If pirated once, then Ebooks lose their originality and generate no income for the author. Also the pirated books lack the sense of excitement as some of the crucial parts of books are missing in the pirated version.
  • Shelf life: printed books are preserved as long as you can hold onto them. The paper quality may become tarnished after many years but still it is readable. On the contrary, the digital data has a shelf life. It can become lost due to any Trojan attacks on the device. Or due to unintentional memory clear outs.
  • Uncomfortable: due to the reading atmosphere the Ebooks can seem uncomfortable. The screen of some devices is not visible in sunlight due to which you always have to stay in if you want to read. Also, the reading flow has a tendency to become disrupted since line-spacing (ons some devices) is tight and doesn’t allow for modification.

In closing, we can say that both types of books have their own pros and corns. To go digitized you have to buy a quality device, then start buying “books.” Before choosing any mode, it’s a good idea to ensure the method best fits the means.

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