From Concept to Cover: Publishing Your First Book

Books & Writing September 5, 2014

BestsellerYou did it, you wrote your first book! While it may seem that the hardest part is over, publishing it can be as challenging as writing it, if you don’t know a lot about the industry and you don’t analyze your options. The good part is that, in today’s times, it can be really easy to publish and promote a book, all you need is some research and commitment.

Recheck Your Work

You can never be too careful, which is why the first step in publishing your book is making sure that it is well-edited and formatted. It will be hard to come back to this step if you are further along the road, so the best thing to do is to have it rechecked, just to be sure.

Traditional Format, eBook or Both

eBooks and eBook readers have invaded our world and it looks like they are here to stay. Deciding between traditional format and eBook should not be that hard; if you are constricted by financial aspects eBooks are definitely the cheaper way to go but if that is not the case, studies have shown that successful book are published in both formats. Let’s face it, we are not ready to give up on traditional books just yet, there will always be a considerable amount of readers who will enjoy holding a book in their hands more than holding an electronic device. Plus, having the first book you ever published on your shelves is a far more satisfying than having it in a folder on your computer.

Publishing House or Self-Publishing

You’ve probably heard people talking about how self-published authors make a lot more money than traditionally-published ones. While that might be true, you need to have the full picture before deciding which way to go. Self-publishing can indeed offer more satisfaction but the tools to publish and promote your book will all be in your hands, and you need to think carefully if you want to take care of these aspects or if you are capable of doing so.

Getting a Literary Agent

This step is optional, but if you do decide that you want your book to be represented by a literary agent you need to know a little bit about agents, what they do and why are they different from editors and publishers. The best thing about literary agents is that they have a lot of connections in the publishing world, and can get your name in places you could not have reached as a simple first time author. Be careful with bad agents though, if you want to get the best quality for your money choose an agent with a great portfolio.

LibraryPromoting Your Book

Now for the part that most writers hate, promoting your book! If you are publishing it in the traditional way, your publishing house will most likely handle this aspect as well, but if you are a self-published authors, there is no escaping from marketing strategies. You can always hire a PR company but once you realize how easy it easy, you will change your mind. Social media plays a major role in promoting your book, and as long as you create a good online profile for you and your book, stay in touch with other authors and readers, offer giveaways and submit your book for reviewing you are on the right track. Also, creating a video book trailer can go a long way, if done right!

Enjoy the Experience

The most important thing to keep in mind as a first time author is to allow yourself the time to enjoy the whole experience. Ask any already-published author, it is a magnificent process, with ups and downs but definitely worth the trouble. It will all work a lot more smoother if are inspired by what you are doing. And don’t forget that all these technicalities are also part of your book, if done right, they can bring you the success you want!

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