How to Boost Your Online Audience Through Your Local Economy

Marketing August 14, 2015

Take a quick second to look away from your computer screen. It’s okay. I’ll wait.

Could you see out a window? Remember that big, great wide world that you’re so constantly connected to through the internet? You can walk out there, too, most of the time.

We both know you’re constantly connected, and that’s fine. However, I bet that you’re connected through more than one platform and, if you’re in business, you use a few different ones to achieve different goals, say, for instance, a goal to boost your online audience. As a logical, modern business person, you don’t limit your efforts online, so why would you limit them at all? Today, I’d like you to remind yourself that you are a person within a community, and you can use that community to achieve your online business goals. Here are a few ways to boost your online audience through your local economy.

Boost No. 1: Drop some cards, but not business cards

These are different kinds of cards. Yes, business cards are great, but they only go so far in achieving specific goals. There’s a different way to go about it, and if you can use a meme generator, you can make a snappy looking, ‘business card’-sized card with a few key elements to rock your online audience numbers. You can always hire someone to do it quickly for you, too.

You don’t even have to use your logo. In some instances, leaving it out builds more curiosity, and you might not want to include it. However, a QR code or hashtag phrase does wonders with a good looking image. Drop small numbers of these cards, less than ten, at random places within your community where you predict your target market might travel. Have the code point to a social media page or other spiffy landing apparatus and watch your online audience grow from there. Locals always want to like locals, so take advantage of it.

Boost No. 2: Create a contest, but make it relevant

Don’t go crazy. Social media and content marketing are all about doing things on the cheap. With that said, your contest can exist as a simple, sweet-looking poster or banner at your checkout (online or at an actual register). You can also make a big splash and send your winners on a cruise, or something crazy like that, but the point remains that the goal of a contest is to boost your online audience. Joining your online community in whichever way you choose must act as a necessary element of your contest. Otherwise, you’re generating a lot of hype for no actual return.

This is an excellent opportunity to network with other businesses in your area that might be at the same phase of their online presence development. Get creative! Start a rivalry and get your locals involved. Have them pick sides, like and comment, share and share again. As long as the prize is relevant to your business, the audience that comes off a contest almost always makes for enthusiastic, loyal patrons.

Boost No. 3: Throw a party and invite everyone

There are few things more fun than a party, and throwing one is a perfect way to increase your online audience. Again, it can be simple or extravagant, just make it relevant to your brand and your business culture. You can use your social media to send out invitations, and require people to rsvp or sign up (wink wink) in order to attend. Of course, make sure you throw a great party with lots of wonderful things that your individual target market is inclined to enjoy.

These three boosts should also help generate online traffic circling around your area, which helps all local businesses out in the end. When you do utilize these boosts, make sure you document everything. Even if you need to hire an expert to snip and edit the heck out of your images and video clips, then have a social media person schedule everything, ensure that you publicize the work you did. It gives your participants a sense of inclusion; it offers a fun way to communicate with patrons, and your brand is enhanced. All the while, you’ve used your local economy to boost your online audience.

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