Beyond WordPress: How to Build Websites Without Coding

WordPress July 15, 2015

For most people, WordPress is the be-all and end-all when it comes to building no-code websites—and why shouldn’t it be? It has everything a non-programmer could ever need to build a simple yet fully functional website at very little—if at all—cost. There’s a whole article written on why it’s so awesome here.

But did you know that there are a lot of other equally promising WordPress alternatives out there to choose from? And we’ve compiled four of them for you! Give them a shot. You might just find something that works better for you than good ol’ WordPress.



Weebly is probably one of the best bang-for-buck code-free website builder and hosting service available today. At just $4 per month for a starter account, you get the following:

  • Free web hosting with domain connect (so you can use your existing domain)
  • Unlimited web pages
  • Page stats
  • Access to email and chat support
  • A customizable footer
  • The ability to add your own favicon and remove the “Create a free website with Weebly” link at the bottom of your pages

It’s a pretty good deal for start-ups and individuals who need a straightforward website on a budget. In fact, if you don’t mind not having your own domain and getting fewer features, Weebly’s free plan will still give you enough to build a decent site.

Or course, Weebly also has everything big businesses could ask for when it comes to running a full-featured e-commerce website. Check out their different plans here.



How about something a little more specific? Artists, photographers, models and anyone whose work involves visuals would love what ALLYOU has to offer. A free plan provides more than enough to get a visually stunning online portfolio up and running. It comes with access to all available templates, customizations, and fonts, and if you ever run into any trouble while building your website, you get 24/7 email support too!

The only drawback is that the free plan only includes 50MB of storage space. If you need more, then you’d have to upgrade to at least the $8 per month plan, which comes with 1.5GB of storage space plus a custom domain, landing page and mobile view of your website. But still, 50MB should be enough to showcase your best work, especially if you are just starting out.



Here’s another popular WordPress alternative that’s unbelievably easy to use. Don’t believe us? Check out this quick video tour.

Ease-of-use, however, is not the only selling-point of Wix. They also take pride in their beautiful templates. This means that if you are looking to create a free breathtaking website for your brand (or yourself) and you want it done quickly, then Wix is the way to go.

Needless to say, paid subscriptions come with a host of other features that you might find useful depending on what your website is for. Check out Wix’s full feature list here.

Everyone is going social nowadays—so why shouldn’t your website do the same? makes it super easy to pool all your social media content into one stunning website. This means that instead of sending out links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages and confusing your followers, you can just direct them to one centralized summary if you will, of your online presence.

If you know of any other cool no-code website builders out there, share them with us in the comments!

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