Create a Brand That’s Rightly Designed

Rightly & Co. was created for one reason: to help small businesses and independent professionals build a better brand on the web.

Thanks to the digital age, it’s now easier than ever to create a presence online. The challenge this poses, however, is distinguishing what you do from the sea of others. That’s why there’s one word at the core of everything here: craftsmanship.

Whether through our design and WordPress development services or through the plethora of free resources we have available, our goal is to help you create a brand that makes a true and lasting impact.

About Thomas

Thomas McGee is a designer, web developer, and founder of Rightly & Co.. For over a decade, he’s had the privilege of working with a wide variety of personal and corporate brands on countless projects. Some of these include Michael Hyatt, Ray Edwards, Jeff Goins, Grant Baldwin, and many others.

Whether you’re just getting started in your brand-building journey or a seasoned professional, we look forward to helping you find, win, and wow your audience and customers.

What Type of Brand Are You Building?

Business Website 

Personal Brand Website

Whether you run a personal brand, corporate, internet business, “brick and mortar,” or something different entirely; a website is essential for growing your audience.

Work with Rightly & Co. to have your site handcrafted and tailored from the ground up to include the features specific to your unique business goals.

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Membership Site

Membership Site

A membership site is an excellent way to build (and monetize) a growing community. The problem, is the amount of plugins, tools, and third-party services required to create one.

That’s why Rightly & Co. custom codes membership sites from scratch (on WordPress) to make them easy to use and manage; all while making an excellent user experience for your customers.

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Online Course Website

Online Course Website

Online courses are an amazing way turn your expertise into a packaged training for your audience. The problem is that 3rd party services collect a monthly fee, control your content, and box you in to a specific set of features.

Rightly & Co., on the other hand, works with you to craft your online course website from the ground up. Get just the features you need while cutting out those you don’t—all with the ease of use you’ve come to expect from a WordPress website.

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Product Launch Formula Website

Product Launch Website

If you’re familiar with Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula®, you know the massive impact a product launch can have on your business. The challenge is putting together a website adequately suited to housing your pre-launch content.

Rightly & Co. not only tailors a website for housing every aspect of your launch, but also any PDFs, bonuses, and corresponding content related to your product launch. We focus on the design and development, so you can focus upon delivering amazing content.

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Online Shop Website

Online Shop

If you carry a wide variety of products—an online shop is the way to go. The difficulty is finding the correct platform on which to host your shop.

As with every other development project, Rightly & Co. tailors custom online shops on WordPress. Utilizing the tried and tested WooCommerce framework, every online shop we create is crafted with industry standard security and usability all while keeping you in complete control.

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Book Launch Website

Book Launch Website

Most bestselling authors have one thing in common: they turn their book releases into an event.

That’s why Rightly & Co. crafts book-launch-specific WordPress websites that help you build buzz for your latest release. Include free bonuses, video trailers, testimonials, reviews, and more to help drive sales for your latest and greatest.

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Brand Identity Logo

Brand Identity

A brand’s identity is the cornerstone for everything that’s visually representative of the brand. As such, our in-depth, market-research-driven process dives into the core of your business to ensure that the logo, color scheme, typography, and collateral elements help reflect your core ideals.

Plus, every project includes usage guidelines and a style guide to ensure your brand identity remains consistent across mediums.

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Book Jacket Design


Book Jackets

Whether being an author is central to your platform, or a business-builder for which a book would make an excellent product addition; a finely-crafted book jacket is central.

Every Rightly & Co. book design project comes with a market-researched, brand-centric approach and includes print, Ebook, and audiobook versions of your cover.

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Learn Brand-Building Fundamentals

Building a brand comes down to a number of fundamental elements. In this free guide, we’ll break down for you the top five tips for seeing instant improvement in your brand’s reach and impact.