10 Dummy Text Generators with a Twist

Design August 10, 2015

Lorem ipsum has been the creative’s go-to dummy text for a long, long time. Wherever there’s an unfinished print ad, poster, billboard or web page, there’s also our favorite Latin passage to give us an idea of how the finished product would look. Somewhere along the line, however, someone thought that Lorem ipsum just is not cutting it anymore, so they made the first non-Lorem ipsum dummy text generator. Fortunately, a host of others followed suit and the world of mockups were changed forever.

Check out some of the unique ones below!

1. Cheese Ipsum

Cheese Ipsum

How would you like to learn about different types of cheese while working on your designs? Well, this is exactly what Cheese Ipsum has to offer! And it’s also great if you are, in fact, working on a cheese brand or just a die-hard fan of cheese.

2. Hairy Lipsum

Hairy Lipsum

Lorem ipsum too prim and proper for you? Inject some major testosterone into the classic text with Hairy Lipsum! It inserts random words of pure rugged manliness into the famed Latin passage, giving it a more masculine edge. Why settle for dummy text when you can have manly text?

3. Trollem Ipsum

Trollem Ipsum

The best designs make the audience feel something—and nothing riles people up better than the Apple versus Android debate. So, why not use it as dummy text for your next project? Trollem Ipsum also has several other hotly debated topics to choose from so you can annoy an even bigger audience.

4. Corporate Ipsum

Corporate Ipsum

Nothing says “corporate” more than business buzzwords like efficiency, synergy, and convergence. So, for your next corporate design, why not use a tool that generates just that and add a more genuine feel to your drafts?

5. Bacon Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum

Build muscle while working on your designs with Bacon Ipsum! It gives your dummy text a hefty dose of protein in the form of different meats. But you can also choose to get a little less meat by selecting the “Meat and Filler” option.

6. Tuna Ipsum

Tuna Ipsum

Not a fan of meat? Then how about some seafood instead? Unlike Bacon Ipsum, Tuna Ipsum uses various kinds of fish as dummy text—and you can even ask the creator to add more if you find something missing from the list!

7. Veggie Ipsum

Veggie Ipsum

Of course, there’s also something for our vegan friends. Veggie Ipsum is a meat-free alternative to both Bacon Ipsum and Tuna Ipsum. Rest assured that no animals are ever harmed whenever you generate dummy text using this tool.

8. Hipster Ipsum

Hipster Ipsum

Here’s something for the folks who think Lorem ipsum is too mainstream. Quick! Use it now before it everyone else does!

9. Samuel L. Ipsum

Samuel L. Ipsum

If you don’t mind a little foul language on your mockups, then Samuel L. Ipsum is an excellent way to get creative with dummy text. And the fact that it uses Samuel L. Jackson quotes is a big plus if you or your client is a fan.

10. Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum

How about we top this list off with something sweet? Satisfy your love for dessert with Cupcake Ipsum! It uses all kinds of sinfully sweet treats as dummy text so get ready for one big sugar rush!

Know of any other fun dummy text generators? Tell us in the comments!

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